Every year, we have to grow enough food to feed the 70 billion animals that we will eat that year. It’s no wonder we’re running out of land! Just imagine if we used the land to feed ourselves directly. We would need just a tiny fraction.

Currently, almost 80% of the world’s farmland is used for livestock feed and grazing, yet it only produces 18% of the world’s calories. Given that we don’t have options for other planets at this point, shouldn’t we be rethinking this?

It’s not just the land. Animal agriculture is also our top water polluter. The animals we raise for food every year contribute 130 times more waste than humans, and most of it goes untreated into our waterways.

According to the U.N., the meat and dairy industry is also the biggest contributor to climate change, arguably our planet’s greatest threat, producing more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation combined.

Clearly, the number one thing we can do to protect the environment and save our planet is to stop eating meat and dairy.

Finally, you can proudly proclaim that you’re an environmentalist!